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Orlando Jones, along with animation and tech industry veterans Harold Moss and Tom Vedel, have founded a new model of animation content studio. HOT Chocolate is leveraging emerging animation technologies to create original projects, including animated series, native social media productions and other new media projects, as well as empowering fans to create their own animated content.

HOT Chocolate has created thousands of hours of animated and mixed-media content for global broadcasters and brands, including BBC, Bleacher Report, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Sesame, and Disney..

HOT Chocolate brings a powerful set of technologies and formats to the table, including its partner Animgram’s  proprietary live-animation platform, which can perform up to 16 simultaneous characters in any animation style, switch between 144 cameras, and live-stream in HD for broadcast, streaming, or live events.

Hot Chocolate currently has projects in development with some of the world's leading entertainment brands and platforms. Stay tuned for the incredible.