Selection of Past Productions
  1. The Nelly Nut Show
    The Nelly Nut Show
    When BBC Kids was looking for an on-air game, they came to us and ended up with a whole lot more—a fully animated daily kids talk show featuring call-in games and on-air cartoon characters that kids could talk with, all on a limited budget. We produced an original half-hour of the animated Nelly Nut Show five days a week for two years. We then used the same live-animation assets to produce original, localized productions of Nelly Nut in 14 other international markets.
  2. Gridiron Heights
    Gridiron Heights
    We designed and produced this weekly series skewering NFL football for Bleacher Report, which garners as many as 4mm views within the hour it goes up. This fast-turnaround series goes from script on Wednesday night, to posting across all platforms the following Tuesday morning. Season 2 is about to gear up with the new NFL season, so keep a look out.
  3. Crazy Barn
    Crazy Barn
    We created and built a complete transmedia universe for Crazy Barn with accompanying game website, and the animation tool Animtoon. It was a daily one-hour program on air, and massively increased traffic to the stations website, eventually winning best European online production by Prix Europe.
  4. How the Body Works
    How the Body Works
    We created and produced this surreal, silly, and scientifically grounded 18-part series for, the #1 visited website that deals with kids and health. The series has already been viewed tens of millions of times, with a growing audience, and is used in more than 30,000 classrooms across the country.
  5. Katjakaj and Bentebent
    Katjakaj and Bentebent
    We built a complete transmedia universe for Katjakaj and Bentebent, including an interactive exploration and game site including our Animtoon software, 26 x 5 minute linear episodes, and a live animated show using our AnimCast live animation system. The website and show have run in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and Israel. We are currently developing a new series based on this hugely popular series.
  6. Sven and Bat
    Sven and Bat
    We used Animgram Pro to produce the animated interstitial series, Sven and Bat, for Scandinavian Nickelodeon. The production contained 900 components used as interstitials and network packaging elements. We also built a companion Sven and Bat website, featuring a wide range of games.
  7. MTV User Generated Animation
    MTV User Generated Animation
    We created a customized version of our user-generated software Animgram for deployment on the MTV UK website. The application allowed users to generate their own unique animated station IDs for use in actual broadcasts.
  8. The Wild Life
    The Wild Life
    We created our own animated series, The Wild Life, to teach 8-12 year-olds about climate change. The 26 X 5 minute series was launched in Denmark in the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Conference and was among the Prix Jeunesse finalists in 2010. The Wild Life website also features our proprietary software allowing kids to make their own broadcast ready cartoons utilizing all the characters and prop assets from the show.
  9. Brief History of the US (Bowling for Columbine)
    Brief History of the US (Bowling for Columbine)
    Described as, “Worth the price of admission” by Variety Magazine, “a joyously funny cartoon sequence” by The Hollywood Reporter, and Oprah as her favorite part of the film when she aired it on her show, our animated segment in Michael Moore’s film, Bowling for Columbine, was the first Flash animation utilized in a theatrically released feature film.
  10. This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow
    This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow
    We created one of the early digital animated series with this weekly satirical look at the world of politics, which ran for 40 episodes from 1999-2001.
  11. Tek Jansen
    Tek Jansen
    We collaborated with Stephen Colbert to create this lovingly accurate to bad 80s Saturday morning imported sci-fi cartoon rendition of Stephen Colbert Presents, Stepen Colbert's, the Further Adventures of Tek Jansen which ran on the Colbert Report.
  12. Breakfast with Steffi
    Breakfast with Steffi
    German Broadcaster NDR used Animgram Pro to translate a popular morning radio sketch into a daily animated comedy program, “Breakfast with Steffi.” Each day’s show was created using the audio from that morning’s radio broadcast, bringing topical jokes on current events to air on North Germany’s biggest network the same evening, for a total of 1,110 minutes of animation in the first year.
  13. Cafê Central
    Cafê Central
    HOP Televisao in Portugal used Animgram Pro to create an original, 11-minute episode of their satirical cartoon, Café Central, every day for two years. Each new daily episode was created from scratch each morning and aired that same evening, with a total production time of only 5 hours, from voice record to the final animation.